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Cara Giddens (Oenomene) is a black illustrator currently looking for work with book covers, comics and illustration. They graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts in Spring 2019 from The College of New Jersey. They specialize in creating character driven scenes that touch upon magic, romance, horror and diluted memory.Cara was the recipient of the Thomas George Artist Fund in 2019, which allowed them to take a leap of faith and pursue comics and illustration.They have contributed to multiple anthologies and zines including Nightmare Theater (Fall 2020), Black Card Summer (2022), and Hairology (Spring 2023), as well as the video game My Life as an Exo-Colonist (2022). They also currently serialize the webcomic Queen of Dirt (2022, ongoing).They are the most interested in storytelling through iconography and characters and enjoy any project that involves character interaction and portraying challenging, dreamy emotions.

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